These hiking trails are in order from easiest to most difficult (from top to bottom). These hikes are best done between May through October so as to avoid slippery wintery conditions. Please be sure to budget sufficient time to go up and come back down, pack plenty of water, register at the trail head and let your host know which trails you are hiking.

Windham Path (Kid Friendly)

The Windham Path provides the only public access to the Batavia Kill stream in Windham and meanders through meadows and woodlands and across bridges providing fantastic views of the Great Northern Catskills.  Make a point to take a break during your ride or walk to enjoy the gem of the Windham Path, the magnificent and picturesque covered bridge that spans the Batavia Kill stream.  Great for KIDS!!

Address: 4982 NY-23 Windham, NY 12496

Website:  http://windhamarf.org/windham-trail-vision/ 

Telephone:  (518) 734-4700

Kaaterskill Falls Trail Head 

(20-25 mins from Chalet on country backroads) A very steep, but relatively short hike (think 35-45 mins each way). There is a two step beautiful waterfall at the top with a watering hole to soak in on a hot day. There is also an observation deck at the top with beautiful views. There is a parking area nearby, you will see people walking from the parking lot to the trailhead and back and forth.

Directions to Trail Head via Google Maps (click here)

Elm Ridge Parking Area / Escarpment Trail Head

(10 mins from Chalet on country backroads) A long winding trail that brings you atop the Windham Mountain ridge which has beautfiul mountain views at the top. There are sections where you are walking through some pretty cool forest and then there are steeper sections up. Budget at least 2 hours up and at least 2 hours the way down.

Directions to Trail Head via Google Maps (click here)

Becker Hollow Parking Lot/ Hunter Mountain Fire Tower Trail Head

 (20 mins from Chalet on country backroads) – A long, steep and difficult hike that brings you to the Hunter Mountain Fire Tower. While I have not personally hiked this trail (yet) I would pack LOTS of water AND reserve at least 3-4 hours up and 3 hours down. It is not an easy hike and I would suggest you start early on in the day. At times you can take the chair lift from Hunter Mountain Resort which will bring you to the top of the ridge and then there is an easier 4 mile round trip hike from the chairlift to the tower. However this does not run every day so I would give the resort a call ahead of time to see if they will be running the chairlift. This is an easier version.

Directions to Trail Head via Google Maps (click here)